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Since 1999

About Our Dog Grooming Expert:

“As a child I always had a love for animals, caring for my hamsters, guinea pigs, and rabbits, as well as the dogs and horses kept by my family. Grooming was a natural path for me. I started my training in 1998 to become a pet groomer through ICS, and I worked at two salons to finish learning my skills. From there I started my own mobile grooming business that eventually grew into what I have today. My clients have come to love the services I offer, and every day I look forward to seeing their canine companions. I started Tag Pet Salon 2004 and change the name to Tag K9 Clean Smiles and Pet Grooming in 2016. I take pride in offering top-notch, positive care and a low-stress environment for your precious pup. I have had many happy clients and dogs over the years, and I am happy to continue providing quality services to the pets in my community.”

Tag K9 Clean Smiles and GroomingKeeping Your Dog’s Teeth Healthy

Keeping your pet healthy is often a frustrating experience to handle on your own. With all of the precautions that have to be factored in, it can often be especially overwhelming to care for your dog’s teeth. Our dog grooming company offers convenient hygiene care throughout Alberta. We offer anaesthetic-free services and make sure every necessary step is taken to provide proper care and safety for your pet. When your dog leaves our office, they have a much cleaner mouth, which improves their overall health and livelihood. Allow your dog to have the treatment they deserve by taking advantage of our canine oral hygiene services. We make sure they get thorough treatment, so they feel and look better than ever.

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We know it takes trust to leave your companion with us, which is why we always keep you informed about any decisions made about the well-being of your pet. Every pet receives individual attention, because they deserve it. Call us to learn more about our oral hygiene products or to schedule a dog grooming service. We hope to see you soon!