Exceptional Pet Products

Tag K9 Clean Smiles and GroomingFor Our Beloved Pets

Tag K9 Clean Smiles and Grooming carries a wide assortment of pet care products in Airdrie, AB. We select only the highest-quality pet products to ensure the best results with your pet’s grooming, oral care, and overall health needs. Feel free to browse through the list of pet products we carry and visit the associated websites to learn how they can improve your pet’s well-being.

Pet Care Products

Nature’s Herbs For Pets

We carry Herbal Biotic products by Nature’s Herbs for Pets and can order any of their products for you. You can visit their website for a list of products and explanations about what they can do for your pets, from motion sickness to allergy relief.


These products are used to improve your dog’s oral health and skin repair. Visit the Oxyfresh website to find out more about these products and to see a full list of what we can order for you.

Tag K9 Clean Smiles and GroomingEFAC For Pets and Humans

We have their products for joint support (which help with inflammation in the joints) both for dogs and humans, as well as the periodontal EFAC for gum inflammation. For a full list and more information about these products, please visit the Hope Science Vet site for pets or the Hope Science website for people.

Riva’s Remedies

This is a line of natural remedies for your pet’s health concerns, including products for calming, digestive issues, gastrointestinal infections, and much more. Visit Riva’s Remedies for a full list of products.

Tag K9 Clean Smiles and GroomingJust About Pets

We carry the antiseptic sprays and gels to help with bacterial buildup in your dog’s mouth. The Just About Pets website offers a full list of their natural products.

Custom Clothing

Glow Poodles in Quebec offers a variety of quality custom-made clothing, collars, and leashes for your pets. Ask for Gloria if you’d like to place an order. She speaks English, French, and Spanish. Please feel free to ask us about it, and we’ll gladly put you in touch with her.

Pickup A Pet Product

Whether you want to keep your dog’s teeth strong with our dog hygiene products or keep them happy with a healthy treat, you can count on us. All special order products take anywhere from 5 to 10 business days to arrive at our shop. Call Tag K9 Clean Smiles and Grooming to inquire about any of our pet oral care, health care, and grooming products.